Bio Gas Chillers

Bio Gas Chillers

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Biogas Chiller Systems

  • A total line of chillers planned and made for the biogas. An extensive variety of Chillers for chilling biogas plants varying between 85 Nm3 of biogas to 6800 Nm3 are accessible.
  • Our company offers coolers to the biogas domain since 1996. Through its coolers as of now 220,000 Nm3 of biogas are changed into power.
  • These chillers for biogas depend on standard units intended for hefty mechanical uses.
  • Along these lines they benefit an institutionalized property production procedure as well as a liberal outline of the considerably all parts.
  • Our Normal units can cool biogas brooks varying from 85 to 6.800 m3/h.
  • Standard instrument incorporates every single of the insurances to ensure an efficient and reliable long life working.