Cold Room Refrigeration Equipments

Cold Room Refrigeration Equipments

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A cold room is equipped with efficient refrigeration equipments, which are effective to hold the foodstuffs at a requisite temperature. Chilled Foods: +2 to +10°C, Fresh Meats: -2 to +5°C, and Frozen Foods: -18 to –2°C. The unit is designed to accommodate full length of a panel, and to take condenser air from the chillest area. Here the condenser incorporates a filter, which can be removed for simple cleansing. Also, the unit operates in ambient temperatures upto +3°C, and in optional tropical version if needed. The refrigeration equipments are practical, and there is adequate ventilation.   

The unit is also incorporated with a control panel, for a digital temperature display and easy setting for the required temperature. There is a high/low temperature alarm, both audio and visual. Integration of environmentally friendly refrigerants is also present. The freezer model comes with a valve for pressure equalizing. Light on/off switch and bulkhead light are also provided. With a reverse cycle hot gas system, the operating cost is reduced.

A heat disposal system is effective where there is inadequate ventilation. This takes the condenser heat through a system of water heat transfer to a cooler or outside area. Also, the condenser section is low in noise and easy to install. The rating of the unit is no more than 40 DBA at 1 meter. Here the interlinking pipe work is done with non-kink neoprene hose, and a water glycol solution to fill the system. Other parts will remain as air-cooled variant.